Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Behind

I need to post the 4 additional blocks I have received (I love them all!), but I am running behind and have, once again, misplaced the cord to my camera. Thank you so much Kathy and Jennie J! I really do love the blocks and will give them proper accolades soon! :)

Nicole :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two more blocks!

Yesterday I got yet another fabulous package in the mail and I had to show it off. Last month, I went on a quilting retreat with my BFF, Janelle, and her family. I brought along fabric for my quilt blocks incase inspiration never did. I had more than enough to work on, but when I was showing Janelle the fabrics for this month she asked if she could make my blocks for me. Knowing I have a lot on my plate with the holidays approaching readily agreed. I am so glad! She did some really fantastic blocks!
My Block 2
My Block 1
This swap has been so much fun! I bought this fabric wanting to make a quilt, knowing it would have to, this has been all of the fun, none of the work. I almost feel guilty! Every time I lay the quilt blocks out together I get a bit more excited. Now to settle on a layout, borders, sashing, backing. Decisions!