Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are nearly done

Seriously, How could it possibly be a year that has gone by? I have been in two block parties this past year, as has my daughter and my daughter in law. I sorta forced them both. However, I am sure they both have enjoyed it almost more than life itself. This month is my daughters month. She hasn't mailed her fabric yet, though she knows what she wants and loves the fabric she has chosen. After a year with all of you I know that she will get back some wonderful squares.
I was August and I haven't received all my squares yet. But before you start feeling guilty if you haven't sent them yet, it's just OK. I don't have time to put it together right now anyway. But If you forget entirely I just may hunt you down. As I said I was in two block parties this past year. So what I decided to do was the same thing for both. I will end with 48 squares to put together. The squares have been so interesting and wonderful. I can't wait to compete it. But it's going to wait for a bit, I have a "Birth quilt" to complete for my grandson, who will be a year in November. I have 10 Dear Jane squares to complete by October 30th. All by hand, no machine for this one. Wouldn't you know it, I was driving down the freeway today after buying 8 fruit trees for my new yard and inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. I see it in my head, a quilt that I have to make for someone I love. That means another trip the quilt shop, more fabric and on it goes. I have a craft fair to get ready for and Christmas just after that. I wonder which of us will actually put our squares together first? I wonder who will post their photo of a completed quilt. We all have to do that you know. We can't possibly just end our 12 months together and never see the end product. We have all been so connected and grown so close over the year how can we just say good bye? I think we should change the name of this block party though. Maybe, "To busy block party" or maybe, "It's all I can do the make the block, much less blog about it block party". Anyway I love all my squares and I will promise to post it's completion.
Hey, anyone want to go another 12 months? I"m pretty sure Beth wants to. Beth you could get 24 more amazing blocks for your quilt. 24 squares. I'm just saying think about it.