Thursday, March 25, 2010

March blocks, part 1

(reposted from my blog)

Tethered Threads fabrics sent
So, March! March is my month for the Tethered Threads block party! Exciting stuff! I can't believe I haven't posted about it yet, but now there's plenty to talk about. The photo above is of the fabrics I sent: four solid Kona cottons and two prints from Erin McMorris' Wildwood line. (The Konas were purchased at Fabric Shack and Pink Chalk Fabrics and the Wildwood at Hawthorne Threads--all of which are online fabric stores that I really love. Also, I just saw that Erin McMorris has a new line coming out. Sweet!) I decided that we needed a new queen-sized quilt for our bed (this is the one we've had for years), so I requested 15-1/2" blocks that will finish at 15". I have 22 coming from the group, so I plan to make either 3 or 8 and set them 5 x 5 or 5 x 6, depending on how many I feel like churning out. I also asked the group for blocks that read dark with pops of color and said I was inspired by the intuitive piecing and projects found in Jean Wells' Intuitive Color & Design.

Block party first 4
The ladies in my group certainly haven't disappointed! (Check out the Flickr pool here--it's full of great blocks!) The photo above is of the first four blocks I received, all of which came yesterday. The top two are from mommymae and the bottom two are from Amanda. WOW! I am super impressed and can't wait to see this come together!

March block party beginnings
Though I guess that means I need to do my share, too! The photo above is how far I was on Saturday. Hmm. I've finished that block and started on another, but they are big and taking a long time to complete. So glad I have the help of 11 really talented ladies to make this happen!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Member

You all are aware that we lost Heather this past month. Life got busy for her so we agreed to let her off the hook.
I want to introduce Amanda to you. She is going to be joining us the make us 12 again. We have already lost February so I am going to add her to the end. She will be October. I met her at our recent Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I've seen her work and she's very creative. Also eager to tackle anything you throw her way. I will send you her address in an email. You can see some of her work if you go to the Modern Quilt Guild link on this blog. Feel free to send her a welcome.