Saturday, April 10, 2010

March blocks, part 3

(reposted from my blog)

4 more blocks

More blocks! I am currently half way there! The top two blocks in the picture above are from Marty, and the bottom two are from Nicole. SO much piecing--thanks, ladies!

Beth blocks

And these two blocks came from Beth. I am loving how everyone's are coming out SO different! I'm really getting excited for this quilt, and I have a great idea for layout, once I have all the blocks back. Stay tuned....


  1. I can't wait to see it all finished. I'm glad you are liking them. I know a number of folks put it off because they were intimidated to do it. But when they finished they thought "that wasn't hard at all" I think that's one of the nice things about a block party, it forces us to sew out of our box.

  2. Yes, Marty those were totally out of my sewing box! I'm totally one of "those people" you wrote about. But... they are in the mail now!

    Thanks for the challenge. Can't wait to see this together.